Remote Cell Tower Monitoring 

The key focus area for remote monitoring is a single window of truth about the cell tower network. Tower managers need to frequently monitor infrastructure data like the energy parameters, battery life, alarms and alerts, fuel usage and temperature of the tower site. Companies are bogged with increasing energy bills with wastage and human errors. Expanding networks are also the catalyst for security outages. Concerns like cyber security, vandalism or terrorism can compromise the entire grid. IoT sensors offers granular and bird’s eye view of the entire asset infrastructure. This keen visibility is effective for asset tracking and maintenance.

Companies are optimizing their capital investments by entering in to third-party agreements for managing their active and passive infrastructure requirements. Third party providers are increasingly deploying IoT enabled asset tracking and monitoring solutions to seamlessly manage and provide value added services like predictive analytics. The heightened competition has resulted in watertight SLAs that requires high levels of risk management and hedging skills.

Remote Cell tower management has moved away from passive asset tracking and infrastructure monitoring. Telecom companies are looking for proactive and comprehensive services that meet SLA demands. In an economy where a single hour of internet downtime may cost a business over $74000, it is important for telecom companies to keep their cell towers in top working condition. This involves leveraging the sensor rich IoT environment for deep visibility.

Softweb Smart Cell Tower Monitoring solution is a blend of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, enabling you to monitor cell tower sites from a centralized location. Our solution allows network engineers and operators to monitor and control various scenarios such as power sources, generator fuel leaks, unauthorized intrusions and more using sensors and connected devices. With its integrated AI capabilities, the solution helps you to identify patterns and anomaliesfrom the collected data to plan predictive maintenance accordingly.

Remote Security & Surveillance

Secure your site

  • Regulate access to remote sites. PIR Sensor detects unauthorized movement in the site and raises an alert
  • Vibration detectors sense and raise an alarm in the event of tampering of high value assets
  • Smoke sensors and temperature sensors detect the breakout of a fire and trigger instant local actions such as raising instant alerts, sounding a hooter at the site, triggering messages to fire department or turning on the water sprinkler system.

A 24*7 third-eye

  • Monitor the remote sites 24*7 with on-site surveillance cameras and stay updated
  • Door Contact sensors indicate if a door is open or closed. An alert is raised if a critical door is open leading to possible hazards


  • Monitor equipment performance & alarms on 24 x 7 basis
  • Using sensors, meters and GPRS based wireless communication
  • Without human intervention & ability to view status of all sites in a single screen.
  • Alert using Emails and SMS
  • Escalate automatically if problems persist
  • End-to-End solution with software and service on subscription basis
  • Periodic reports on alarms, performance and key recommendations
  • Highly secure and accessible from any where

Alert Signals

  • Diesel Generator ON and OFF Consumption, Main Supply and/or Diesel Generator Cut-Off.
  • High Temperature, Low Fuel.
  • Diesel Generator Battery alerts.
  • Fuel Receipt.