Bonrix IOT Monitoring Solutions

1.Home Automation IoT Devices

The IoT based Home Automation will enable the user to use a Home Automation System based on Internet of Things (IoT). The modern homes are automated through the internet and the home appliances are controlled. The user commands over the internet will be obtained by the Wi-Fi modems.

2.Industrial IoT Devices

The vision of complete digitalization is based on nothing else than the fact that the real world is simulated in a virtual reality. To this end, data and information is continuously read from sensors, electronic devices, machines, and systems and transmitted to intelligent systems that create a digital image of the actual environment.

3.Miscellaneous IoT Devices

IOT technology can be integrated in various things like machines, controllers, sensors, SCADA, ERP,CRM, shopfloor, and unstructured data. The resulting mathematical models provide you actionable insights helping you to improve quality and reduce cost.

4.Development Boards IoT Devices.

Developers will have to choose from microcontroller-based boards, System on Chip (SOC) boards, Single-board Computers (SBC) and purpose-built boards with support for Smart Bluetooth and WiFi.

5.Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality IoT Devices.

Implementing AR applications into a real-life work context can bring in information. Workers can be provided with step-by-step instructions through real-time video guidance from an expert.

Application in IOT Devices.

  1. Energy Monitoring.
  2. Solar Monitoring.
  3. Environment Monitoring.
  4. Smart Grid.
  5. Cold-Storage.
  6. Generator.
  7. Street Light.
  8. Water Treatment.

1.Energy Monitoring

Monitoring through meter is used to monitor units consumed and transmit the units as well as cost charged over the internet using wifi connection. This allows user to easily check the energy usage along with the cost charged online using a simple web application. Thus the energy meter monitoring system allows user to effectively monitor electricity meter readings and check the billing online with ease.

2.Solar Monitoring

Solar is renewable source, demand of electricity is increased day by day. Solar energy is tough out the year and solar power plants need to be monitored for optimum power output.

This helps efficient power output from the power plants while monitoring for faulty solar panels, connections, and dust accumulated on panels lowering output and issues affecting solar panel performance.

3.Environment Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a tool to assess environmental conditions and trends, support policy development and its implementation, and develop information for reporting to national policymakers, international forums and the public.

4.Smart Grid

Capture data at every point of your grid to make better decisions. True two-way communications and smart devices extend your real-time capabilities to include distribution automation demand response and distributed energy resources (DER) technologies.


Tap into the cold storage industry, on-site checking and monitoring data is time consuming and considered as an inefficient process. To meet the majority of industrial demanding needs, wireless technology becomes an integral part and it takes some major steps forward.


IOT helps Diesel Generator OEM's to offer preventive maintenance as a service and innovate on their revenue model at a time where market share is static or dropping.

7.Street Light

IOT based street light monitoring and controlling system to ensure, low power consumption, consumption monitoring, instant faulty light detection and light dimming as per external lighting conditions.The system also allows the controller/monitoring person to check estimate power consumptions as per current intensity of light as well as predict monthly power consumption.

8.Water Treatment.

IoT in water treatment uses the concept of smart sensors installed at various points in the water system. These sensors collect data and send it back to the monitoring systems. This data could include, water quality, temperature changes, pressure changes, water leak detection, and chemical leakage detection.